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Our Vision:

A world where inner beauty and actions are valued above outward appearance, leaving us to invest our collective energies and resources in doing good, protecting human rights, and helping those in need.

Founder of the B.W.V. Warrior Movement, Becca Marino takes a few moments to share our mission and asks for your help in making our vision a reality. Becca is also the owner of Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc.

We invite you to Imagine a universe

...where everyone cherishes their uniqueness.

...where inward beauty is valued above outward beauty.

...where our collective energies and resources are invested in enhancing inner beauty instead of ‘perfecting’ outward appearance.

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On October 28th 2010 Becca Marino founded the B.W.V. Warrior Movement for Beauty Worth. Value...from the INSIDE out Because...
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                                  Our Mission:

  • We EXIST to empower our children with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to live by a value system that drives them to appreciate their individuality; to accept their responsibility to use their unique gifts, abilities, and passions to meet the needs of our world; needs that only they can meet by being authentic and allowing others to experience their beauty, from the INSIDE out.
  • We EXIST to create a universe where every human being is cherished, respected, and valued for being authentically beautiful.
  • We EXIST to create a culture where inward beauty is valued above outward beauty.
  • We EXIST to create a safe space for those who seek healing, repair, and transformation for themselves or others negatively affected by the WHACKED! notion in popular culture that one's self-worth, value, and happiness is determined by acquiring the 'perfect' outward appearance.


We will achieve this by being: U.N.I.Q.U.E.L.Y. U.S.

  • U nderstanding the challenges we face.
  • N ever, ever, ever giving up!
  • I nvesting in our youth.
  • Q uality relationships with all.
  • U r help - we cannot do this alone.
  • E mpowerment and Expansion of Knowledge and Awareness.
  • L eading - resonantly. Demonstrating consistent daily actions!
  • Y esterday- Using yesterday as a platform for growth and achieving more effective results tomorrow.
  • U niversal connection.
  • S cheduling time to sit in stillness, silence, and solitude. And ALWAYS remembering to smile :)

Defining A Warrior Spirit by Eve Ensler in her 2005 Ted Talk on Security

The Spirit Of A Warrior

They go into the center, the heart of pain, of suffering. They have grieved it, they have died into it, and allowed and encouraged poison to turn into medicine. They have used the fuel of their pain to begin to redirect that energy towards another mission and another trajectory.

Warriors now devote themselves and their lives to making sure what happened to them, doesn't happen to anyone else. There are thousands of us on the planet. They have fierceness and a freedom that is the bedrock of a new paradigm. They have broken out of the existing frame of victim and perpetrator with transformation of suffering as their end goal…

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